Investing in e scooters in low mountain and Alpine regions is proving to be strategically wise, especially in the context of the growing trend towards e-mobility. These electrically powered vehicles not only reflect increased environmental awareness, but also enable sustainable transport without dependence on mountain railways or lifts. This opens up flexible utilisation options that adapt operation to different terrain conditions. They also strengthen the region’s tourism offering by appealing to a broader target group and increasing its appeal as a year-round destination. Overall, this positions mid-mountain locations in particular as innovative and sustainable destinations.

„As an entrepreneur, I am constantly looking for new products to attract attention. The E-Monster is an innovative and trendy product, optimised for use on unpaved paths.“ (Torsten Kürbis – Managing Director k1 sporthotel Oberwiesenthal )

The advantages of the E-MONSTER at a glance:


Why KMR E-Monster?

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Good reasons to hire an e scooter

1. Return on investment in e-mobility:
An e scooter represent a sustainable investment in e-mobility, which is gaining in importance worldwide. Due to the growing trend towards environmentally friendly means of transport, operators in low mountain and Alpine regions can benefit from the increasing demand for sustainable and emission-free means of transport.

2. Sustainability and environmental awareness:
Investing in an e scooter emphasises the commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. By using electrically powered vehicles, you not only reduce the carbon footprint of your facility, but also offer your guests an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional means of transport, which can lead to a positive perception and long-term loyalty.

3. Independence from lifts:
An e scooter offer the opportunity to operate independently of mountain railways and lifts. This enables flexible use and adaptation to different terrain and weather conditions, which reduces operating costs and ensures continuous availability for tourists.

4. Expansion of the tourist offer:
The introduction of an e scooter expands the tourist offer and attracts a wider audience. By being able to offer varied tours and routes, you can appeal to different target groups and maximise the potential of your low mountain or alpine region as a year-round destination. This not only increases the attractiveness of your facility, but also contributes to the diversification of the tourism offer.

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