KMR Monsterroller

a success-story - Made in Germany
“The thought began as an idea to enliven the hotel, which was acquired in 2008, during the summer months as well. After renovating and remodeling the house into the k1 Sporthotel, I soon realized that I cannot exist on only the few winter months. The other evermore increasing uncertainty was whether the next winter would come, or whether it would, literally, fall into the water.
The decision to introduce the green “Monsters” at the Fichtelberg was a satisfactory one not only for me, but also for other tourist service providers! Together with my team, we have developed a fulfilling service for tourists, which together with the worn-in brand “KMR Monsterroller” can be taken into other interested regions.
As a special service we offer a free location evaluation (examination of the feasibility).

Torsten Kürbis - Managing Director k1 sporthotel Oberwiesenthal

step by step

KMR - a development process!

KMR Monsterroller - Customers in Dresden, South Africa and much more

Our customers in focus
Jakes Saaiman, Scootours SA, South Africa

If you like to know who is the go-to person in the Scooter industry in South Africa - it's Jaco Saaiman. He is one of the owners and franchiser of Scootours SA. The company currently operates six monsterscooter stations in South Africa. With Jakes we have a good partnership, so he helped us, for example to improve the construction of the frame and the handlebar. As a result, we increased the wall thickness of the pipes. We would definitely recommend Mr. Saaiman as an expert in the downhill scooter industry!

Thomas Luft, Manager Monsterroller Oberlausitz UG

Thomas Luft is the Manager of Monsterroller Oberlausitz UG and TL Consult & Solutions Dresden GmbH. The company has an advisory role in the mineral oil and energy trade. The monster scooters opened up a further business field. Thomas Luft, born in 1971, comes from Neukirch and is convinced: "The tours with the monster scooters are an initial spark for all who feel connected to tourism in Neukirch!"

Kevin Benk, skiNET consulting OG, Fügen/Zillertal, Austria

As a partner of skiNet consulting OG, Kevin Benk is very familiar with strategic procedures, product positioning and professional project management in the winter sports segment. With the KMR monster scooters skiNet consulting OG extends the summer sport at Spieljoch in the Zillertal with another breathtaking mountain experience. "We want to serve several routes & are looking forward to mega fun!" said Kevin Benk, in view of the upcoming summer.